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If you have been paying rent for years, in full and on time, you deserve to own a home.

We know that tenants who pay their rent in full and on time, can afford a home loan payment of a similar amount, every month. That’s why on Notto, tenants can report past rental payments, and pay rent for at least 12 months so that we can help them qualify for a home loan with a fair interest rate.

Tenants can follow their progress towards finally owning their home, using our simple and transparent Notto score.

As a tenant – whether you want to feel secure, have peace of mind, or own an asset that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren as part of your legacy, Notto has got your back.

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How it works?

step 1 - download the notto

Step 1

Download our App on the Google Play Store. Or sign up on our website.

step 2 - add your rental payment history

Step 2

Add your rental payment history.

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step 3 - Set your savings target for your deposit.

Step 3

Set your savings target for your deposit.

step 4 - notto make your payment

Step 4

Pay rent to your landlord, as soon as you can.

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What's in it for you?

By signing up for Notto, you automatically become eligible for the following benefits.

 notto africa past payments

Past Payments

You can add your past rent payments. They count towards helping you qualify for a home loan.

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You can calculate the deposit for your home. We help you set and meet your monthly savings target.

notto score

Notto Score

You have access to your Notto Score 24/7 – the higher it is, the closer you are to qualifying.

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When you are ready to apply for your home loan, we are by your side and ready to help.

Do you have a question?

We are a reliable rent tracking platform that uses tenants’ payment history to help them access a home loan, at a fair interest rate. We know that tenants who pay their rent in full and on time can afford home loan repayments of an amount similar to their monthly rent, and we help them qualify mainly on that basis. We track rent based on uploaded proofs of payment that tenants provide, and by processing rental payments on our safe, reliable and secure payment platform.
The home loans will be provided by institutional investors who we are partnering with around our innovative method for qualifying tenants for home loans. Notto is not a home loan provider, and our role is limited to gathering data on the reliability of tenants as potential recipients of home loans from our partner institutions.
In the current version of our platform, you can only calculate the value of the home that you could qualify for based on your current rental payments, and the deposit you would need for that home. In the near future, you will be able to save as little as R10 a day towards your deposit.
Before we can qualify you for your home loan, your landlord will need to verify that you paid your past rent in full and on time, based on what you report and the proof of payment you upload. When you start paying your rent, we automatically verify that you have paid. At a later date, we will verify that you are, indeed, a tenant to the landlord that you specify.
Your current credit record is taken into consideration at the time of qualifying you for a loan, and determining the interest rate for your home loan. We will be ready to help you improve your current credit record, so that you can qualify as soon as possible, and get a fair interest rate. We are happy to help because we know how well you pay your rent is a far better predictor of how well you will repay your home loan, than your current credit record says.
It takes at least 12 months for you to qualify for a home loan, through our system. The exact amount of time it will take for you to qualify will depend on a few other factors, including: whether you have uploaded proof of past rent payments; if you have enough of the deposit for your home; and how good your Notto score is.
If you are a couple or family, and you would like to buy a home together, we suggest that you pay using a single Notto account. If you still prefer to pay separately, we will combine your payment records on our platform, when you are now ready to qualify.

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